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Healthy, vibrant fish make happy and successful fishkeepers.

The biologists, chemists and nutritionists at Spectrum Brands are

committed to driving innovation in their pursuit to discover more about

what keeps fish, reptiles, amphibians, ponds — even aquatic plants —

thriving through long, healthy lives. That dedication has made our

industry-leading consumer and commercial aquatics lines — including



aquarium filtration products, kits, tanks and lighting; Tetra


aquarium nutrition, water care and filtration products; Instant Ocean



salt and GloFish


fluorescent fish accessories — the most reliable and

technically advanced aquatics solutions on the market.

We continue to define the category, advancing aquatic science and driving

industry trends to find innovative new ways to help seasoned hobbyists

and beginning fishkeepers alike enjoy a successful aquatic experience that

lasts a lifetime. Our objective is to be the fishkeeping consumer’s first

choice for trusted, high-quality nutrition, aquariums and accessories,

whatever their passion — freshwater or saltwater, big or small.

Spectrum Brands recognizes the importance of helping our retail partners

understand our products in this highly specialized category — because

passing on the right knowledge is vital to our joint success and to keeping

aquariums thriving.

After all, we’re not just scientists. We’re hobbyists too.